Tea Tree and Frankincense Toner for Normal to Oily Skin

Toner is sort of an ambiguous term in skincare. Depending on its ingredients, a toner can have different benefits. In general, it can be used as a second step in the cleansing process, as a refresher that tightens skin, and  it can help your skin absorb other skin care products better.

Which toner is right for you? You can find out by looking at the ingredients in a particular toner. If you have issues with oily skin, you want one that contains ingredients designed to cleanse pores and soothe acne for oily buildup which is just what this recipe is designed to do! Don’t worry, those with normal skin can use this toner too for skin that feels clean and fresh.  

How to Make It

1. Witch Hazel: (2 ounces)

Witch hazel is derived from the leaves and the bark of the shrub of the same name. The shrub grows naturally throughout most of North America. It is great to use on its own or as a base for other ingredients.

2. Distilled Water: (4 ounces)

Unlike filtered or purified water, you can create distilled water by boiling out the impurities. You can buy distilled water by the gallon from most supermarkets because it’s useful in automotive and other home projects.

3. Tea Tree Oil: (10 drops)

Tea tree oil comes from the Australian and New Zealand Melaleuca alternifolia plant. It can be colorless or light yellow, but you’ll know it by its strong scent. Remember that tea tree oil is toxic when ingested so keep out of reach of children and pets.

4. Geranium Oil: (10 drops)

Geranium oil comes from the leaves and stems of the plant of the same name. It’s heavily used in aromatherapy for its pleasant scent.

5. Frankincense Oil: (5 drops)

Frankincense is a resin collected from trees of the genus Boswellia. Through steam distillation, you can extract frankincense oil from that resin. It gives off a fragrant balsamic smell.

Once you’ve gathered all of the ingredients, combine them into a spray bottle, like this one. Remember that there is no need to heat it. You can store it at room temperature or in the refrigerator as well.

How to Use It:

When you’re ready to use your tea tree and frankincense toner, start with clean, dry skin. Shake the container well to avoid any separation of the ingredients. Apply liberally to your skin and follow with a good moisturizer.

For a nice cool treat on a hot day, keep your toner in the fridge before spritzing your face. It doesn’t affect the efficacy of the product, but it’s a nice treat.


This particular recipe is well suited for normal to oily skin with mild to moderate acne. Based on the ingredients, this toner can help with tightening pores, giving skin a smoother, younger appearance. If you have acne or other skin issues that cause reddening, the witch hazel, the geranium oil, and the tea tree oil all can help reduce inflammation. Acne can also be caused and exacerbated by bacteria. Since this toner has antibacterial properties, it can help calm acne as well. Finally, the frankincense aids in cell regeneration and promotes younger looking skin.