How to Make Your Own All- Purpose Moisturizer

Moisturizer is a key element in a healthy skin care regime. Moisturized skin is stronger, softer, and more supple. As your largest organ, skin takes a lot of abuse in the name of protecting your body. Through exposure to the sun, wind, and other elements, it loses moisture. It’s your job to put it back. You can do that by staying hydrated internally and applying moisturizer externally.

Commercial moisturizers can be expensive. You also have no control over the ingredients. On the other hand, you can make a simple homemade all purpose moisturizer right at home with only three ingredients.

How to Make It

Start by gathering the following ingredients:

Vitamin E:  

Vitamin E oil is available in vitamin shops, beauty supply stores and on Amazon.. Be sure to read the labels carefully because many products have additional ingredients mixed in with the oil. For this recipe, you just want pure vitamin E oil.  

vitamin E

Coconut Oil: 

You can find coconut oil in the cooking section of many grocery stores and in any health food store. You can use raw coconut oil or fractionated coconut oil, but many prefer fractionated because it’s already in liquid form, making it easier to work with. You’ll need about two parts coconut oil to every part vitamin E you’d like to use.

coconut oul

Evening Primrose Capsules:

Although evening primrose comes in several forms, capsules have a longer shelf life. Just use a needle to pop the capsules and squirt the liquid into the mixture. You’ll need about ten capsules.

evening primrose

Once you’ve gathered all of the ingredients, combine them in a double boiler. (If you don’t have a double boiler, you can just use a pot of water on the stove with a glass bowl on top.) Heat your mixture and turn it off at the first signs of boiling.

"Bain-marie" by grongar

Next, let it cool. Finally, transfer the finished product into your favorite container for safe keeping.

How to Use It

You can use your homemade all purpose moisturizer as a part of your daily morning and night skincare routine. You can also use it as a touch-up whenever your skin is feeling a little dry. Apply to your face with a glass dropper bottle and massage into your skin with clean hands.


Remember that a little goes a long way! It shouldn't feel any more greasy than a normal moisturizer. If it does, consider reducing the amount you’re applying.


This simple moisturizer is packed full of age-defying ingredients. The coconut oil is high in fat, which feeds skin cells and helps to retain elasticity. You’ll see an improvement in texture and smoothness. Coconut oil is also antibacterial. It helps reduce inflammation in active breakouts and aids in clearing clogged pores.

The vitamin E is skin firming. You’ll notice that it helps fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation from previous acne scarring. Evening primrose is a high fat oil that aids in collagen production. Collagen is a protein that helps keep skin firm. Overall, you see younger, smoother, healthier skin from using this recipe frequently.

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